Tuesday, February 3, 2015

5 Reasons why I visited Manthali Ramechap district this weekend

Manthali is the headquarter of Ramechap district which lies on the bank of Tamakoshi river and I wanted to explore it.
It is just 2 hrs and 30 min drive from Charikot, Dolakha district. The bus starts it’s journey from charikot at 9 am and last bus from Manthali leaves at 3 pm to Charikot. Between this time, we can take a tour to Tamakoshi river, have meal and roam around Manthali bazaar. 
I was really excited to take some new photographs of 2015. Though photography has remained as a hobby since long time, I feel relaxed after taking good photographs. They help me in taking out my frustrations, heal my soul and fill energy within myself. So I don’t want to quit photography.
I really wanted to buy some local beans. The geographical condition of Ramechap is dry so the beans are the most suitable crop to cultivate there. People mostly are involved in bean cultivation. But as we reached there and asked for local bean we got negative response. The local beans are sold only on “Haat”-the local market during Mondays. So we returned empty hand.

My husband was free after such a long time. I always miss my son wherever I go and feel sad. But I read somewhere that sometimes it is good to spend time by husband and wife together. This helps to nurture the relationship which finally benefit the child so no worries.
A Typical Nepali house at Manthali 

Dry maize plants harvest in trees

 mustard flower fragrance ....and a book