Sunday, August 31, 2014

A Journey to remember

Cloudy days, ,,I wake up early in the morning and today I have to walk 4 hrs . Have full energy and start my journey from my temporary residence. Some hesitation lies on me as I have never walked alone in remote village silence road. My feet move fast..  to kill the silence in the air, I greet people ‘Namaste’. They return my greetings and their eyes questions me. I move forward enjoying my solitary walk.
My colleague who is a local, has duty to guide me and set off on a journey above the village. He gives me the geographical ideas of the village and informs about the local herbs like Ghortaple which is used as a medicine for fever, cold etc.  He shows another herb and I forget its name and uses. Herb has been my new interest lately. I need to do some research before taking herbs seriously so will be planning to buy some herb books soon. And I start to plant those herbs in my kitchen garden.

Jungle is over and my colleague gives the direction and return back to his village, still more hrs is left to reach destination. I move forward enjoying the summer scenery.  I rest and take a deep breath of fresh air. I remember my husband and my son. They must be somewhere at Kathmandu and then, I start to write in my digital note “ Standing at chautari, somewhere at dolakha. Below me paddy field lies green. The murmuring sound of river, insects .. hen .. can be heard. The mist has covered the valley and the rays of sun are lightly making the warm weather . Time to move forward.. still more hrs left to make by my happy feet”
I greet every person I meet on the way, it relaxes me. I talk to them and they are curious about my whereabouts. I answer them ‘Far very far’ .

Finally, my destination welcomes me where women are preparing to celebrate song competition on the occasion of Teej.
The path where my foot steps are printed

The journey is exciting as well as dangerous. I look into the bhir below me..

Happy to reach to a place like this.. mesmerizing.. 

My temporary residence where local tasty food is served.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Domestic Tourism in Ghale Gaon

The long journey to a new place is tiring and when that new place turns out to be a piece of heaven, and then the price of tiring effort is paid off. Ghale Gaon, Lamjung district is well fitted in this case. A beautiful village lies on the lap of  Mount Lamjung, Mount Harka Gurung and Mount Himalchuli. Lamjung is the birth place of Late Dr Harka Gurung so the mountain name is changed to his name to pay tribute to him. He was a scholar, geographer, politician, sportsman and artist. Far across is the place where he chased his father to Kathmandu, bare foot in order to study in Kathmandu as explained in  ‘ Bisaya Bibid’ his book.

The mountains are so close to village and it feels like the mountains are gazing us. Local people say that the Himalaya has become black from last few years otherwise the Himalayas used to be white with snow all year round. May be this is the sign of global warming.

Local set of khaja called as Jhilung along with tea and local radish pickle

Majestic view of Mount Lamjung, Mount Harka Gurun and Mount Himalchuli from Ghale Gaon

Cascade of hills; the dangerous road leads through these hills

The rays of setting sun reflects the Himalayas

Monday, July 28, 2014

Black water valley: Beauty at its peak

 Summer has always different charm in UK, farnborough can’t escape with this charm. The sun rise early, and sets late. Days are longer so people can enjoy the park, forest and nature after returing home late in the evening. So British eagarly wait for summer and when there is arrival, they spent it as if the summer is not going to come again in their  life.
The blackwater valley which is a part of Hawley meadows near farnborough is a quiet and calm place to enjoy the summer and many people come there late in the afternoon to relax. Historically, this area was hedge-bordered fields, used by local people to graze their livestock and cut grass for hay.The river which is  black in color, flows through the middle of blackwater valley.

“Make a  hay while the sun shines”: Busy Bee collecting honey in order to survive in the harsh winter of UK
Riped  wild berries, but doesn’t taste as good as of Nepal.
Organic water cress collected for vegetable. Water cress is not found in any groceries in UK.
Hawley Meadows: Cattle grazing in the evening but couldn’t see any shepherd.
Evening walk is wonderful

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Queen of Hills: Nepali Perspective

The queen of Hills, Darjeeling is a hill station where a Nepali like me feels a sense of home. Beside this, first time visitor from hills of Nepal thinks that development doesn’t require proper geographical location. Darjeeling is forward in every way from literature, education, tourism. First time visitor can get shock to see Nepali speaking people being proud to be Indian. Once they know the history, they understand and appreciate their feelings. The acceptance of beef is also quiet shocking for the first time Nepali visitor.

Darjeeling people are also a lover of flowers; most of the houses are decorated with the flowers in their veranda. Talking about the cuisines, one of the most popular cuisines of Darjeeling is MOMO. The taste of MOMO is still in my taste buds.  

On the other hand, Congested road is synonyms of Darjeeling. I was on the front sit, and couldn’t watch the driver, driving the jeep. One should be very professional in driving to drive along the road of Darjeeling. They have strategy to clear the traffic which we don’t even think. Patience, exactness and confidence are highly needed for the driver.

Queen of Hills from Chourasta; a happening place in the heart of the city

Happy Feet, though wounded

It’s wonderful to walk around chourasta and spend the time along with the loved ones.

Toy Train: steam engine train and is listed as world heritage site

Beauty in the hills: Wild flower buki  and Dhupi adds beauty to the hills

Visitors capturing the sunrise view of Tiger Hill. 

Darjeeling is also famous for tea; organic local tea sipping is one of the memorable things to do in Darjeeling.

Queen of Hills from Chourasta; a happening place in the heart of the city

Old English architecture in Darjeeling. If you want to see the English architecture it is recommended to visit Darjeeling for Nepali.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

One fine day at Brighton

Though it was april, the cold weather of UK was unbearable while we took off our journey to Brighton from London. Directions were unknown, when we reached London bridge station, we asked the station man and he showed the Brighton train. We quickly paid the money and ran towards the train. Train riding is always so smooth in all over London and I always love the ride. Somewhere I read, the development index of any country is the infrastructure of the road. So is the London.

Brighton Pier

The 45 min of ride is completely comfortable and warm. The view outside, gives images of country side of UK and that indulges one to think the country life of UK. I have heard rich people of UK lives in country and involved in agriculture. So contrast to Nepali life. Nepali people are struggling still in agriculture.
We reach Brighton, still we don’t know the direction but the town map is right on the exit of the station. We read and head towards the beach. Brighton beach is one of the most popular beach in the world. People from all over the world and UK visit it every summer and every day.
Brighton city from the Brighton Pier

For me, beach should have sand but this is not the case with most of the beaches of UK. Instead of sand, there are peebles and hurts bare foot which I didn’t like it. And the water is too cold. I wondered, how people bear the so cold water. May be due to adaptation.
People enjoying the beach

The interesting thing of Brighton beach is there is a large pier which is called as Brighton pier. There is a fun park in this pier. Children enjoy and play most of the games there, so may be some parents are dragged there by their children for this particular purpose.
The Beach

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Jiri: Switzerland of Nepal

The winding road to jiri reaches to a hill, from where the view of jiri valley looks magnificent. Jiri in not a new name for Nepali travel enthusiast. Generally, it is considered as a Switzerland of Nepal. First reason, geographical structure and secondly, swiss maintained,loved and carved jiri for many years. They have established jiri technical shool for vocational training, cheese factory for manufacturing cheese and have introduced improved breed of cow in village. The unfertile plain beautiful valley is only used for grazing cows. Sometimes, I think ugly/un useful turns out to be beautiful. And jiri is the example. The unproductive is now a place that attracts visitors.
The river flows through the grassy valley where the imported jersey cows from Switzerland are grazed. It feels like one can spend hours without thinking anything in this beautiful valley. This village once was a hub of entry point of Mount Everest.
Children are enjoying the natural playground. In contrast, I doubt about the quality of education they are getting there. Many children are deprived of quality education in the villages of Nepal and they are one of them.
Jiri Valley during summer season

Wild Beauty: They are blooming every year and continuing life cycle in jiri valley. the beautiful components of nature
Jiri technical school, typical Nepali architecture adds beauty to this beautiful village.