Saturday, December 5, 2015

Charikot View Tower Conquered

Traveling was totally stopped after earthquake,,,the work pressure and all other reasons,, , but today with my office colleagues we planned to visit charikot view tower, deurali-a junction and bhoot pokhari – ghost pond.  It was 12 am in the morning that we set our journey from charikot. We took some chicken curry, rice and pickle from home and we bought some chips and coke from the shop.
The view tower was up hill and it was a bit hard while walking up the hill,,,, the guide was the daughter of our colleague,, on the way to charikot view tower, there was a beautiful place where we took a lot of pictures,, after resting for a while we left for the view tower,, we had to pass a small jungle,,
The view tower was located on the top of hill which is in construction phase,,, the tower is 6 storey building,, I felt dizzy while climbing the tower,, and I am afraid of heights ,,,we took some pictures there and we went to a suitable place for our lunch,,,,there were cracks on the hill due to earthquake,,,the lunch was delicious and the weather was too cold.
As soon as we finished our lunch we got down through the different path,,, following a deep dense forest,, on the way I found some edible lichens,,,I plucked and collected with the help of my colleagues,,,I collected  a bag full of lichens,,It will be a gift to my mother and she will be happy as these edible lichen is indigenous knowledge and which is not available in the market,, The lichens are tasty with the pork meat,,,
We went to Deurali – a famous junction where we bought the ‘Chauri Churpi’ which is local and tasty. There was a gumba where we took some pictures,, we drank milk tea there and move towards the Bhoot Pokhari- Ghost pond.

The ghost pond is named as ghost pond because it looks black. It is a beautiful place like a shooting location,,, we took lot’s and lots of pictures ,, The battery of my camera showed low and it was getting dark so we returned to Charikot before it got dark,,, The day ended with beautiful memory, healthy mind and healthy body,,

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