Friday, January 9, 2015

Kharidhunga,,,360 degree view,,,clear winter days,,, weekend,,,memory ,,, December 2014

As long as I stay in Dolakha, I have plan to visit most of the places like Sailung, Kalinchowck, Lamabagar, Singati,,,,Once in a month I go to Kathmandu to visit my son, and once in a month I have to visit my field areas,,,,I always have few weekends to plan for my personal travel,,,
My latest travel on December 2014 was Kharidhunga, Dolakha. It was a fine and a cool day when we (with husband) took bus from Charikot to Kharidhunga,,it takes  one hour to reach but the scenic beauty of Dolakha glues our eyes to the beautiful landscapes outside the bus,,,,I put my ear plug to listen to beautiful songs in my phone to divert my vehicle sickness,,,it really helps me but don’t know till when???
Khardhunga is located at an altitude of 2500m,,, it is barren and this has added beauty to this place,,,,it is one of the popular film shooting location and it is also popular picnic spot for local people,,,From Kharidhung, on clear day mostly it is clear on winter season,,you can see 360 degree panoramic view of Doalkha and Sindhupalchock,,,

We sit and take beautiful pics,,,sun bathing and a great book is a good combination in winter days,,,,
My husband exploring Himalayas

The beautiful hills, where the heart flows

The combination of nature and the good book

The beauty where eyes glue

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