Sunday, August 31, 2014

A Journey to remember

Cloudy days, ,,I wake up early in the morning and today I have to walk 4 hrs . Have full energy and start my journey from my temporary residence. Some hesitation lies on me as I have never walked alone in remote village silence road. My feet move fast..  to kill the silence in the air, I greet people ‘Namaste’. They return my greetings and their eyes questions me. I move forward enjoying my solitary walk.
My colleague who is a local, has duty to guide me and set off on a journey above the village. He gives me the geographical ideas of the village and informs about the local herbs like Ghortaple which is used as a medicine for fever, cold etc.  He shows another herb and I forget its name and uses. Herb has been my new interest lately. I need to do some research before taking herbs seriously so will be planning to buy some herb books soon. And I start to plant those herbs in my kitchen garden.

Jungle is over and my colleague gives the direction and return back to his village, still more hrs is left to reach destination. I move forward enjoying the summer scenery.  I rest and take a deep breath of fresh air. I remember my husband and my son. They must be somewhere at Kathmandu and then, I start to write in my digital note “ Standing at chautari, somewhere at dolakha. Below me paddy field lies green. The murmuring sound of river, insects .. hen .. can be heard. The mist has covered the valley and the rays of sun are lightly making the warm weather . Time to move forward.. still more hrs left to make by my happy feet”
I greet every person I meet on the way, it relaxes me. I talk to them and they are curious about my whereabouts. I answer them ‘Far very far’ .

Finally, my destination welcomes me where women are preparing to celebrate song competition on the occasion of Teej.
The path where my foot steps are printed

The journey is exciting as well as dangerous. I look into the bhir below me..

Happy to reach to a place like this.. mesmerizing.. 

My temporary residence where local tasty food is served.

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