Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Domestic Tourism in Ghale Gaon

The long journey to a new place is tiring and when that new place turns out to be a piece of heaven, and then the price of tiring effort is paid off. Ghale Gaon, Lamjung district is well fitted in this case. A beautiful village lies on the lap of  Mount Lamjung, Mount Harka Gurung and Mount Himalchuli. Lamjung is the birth place of Late Dr Harka Gurung so the mountain name is changed to his name to pay tribute to him. He was a scholar, geographer, politician, sportsman and artist. Far across is the place where he chased his father to Kathmandu, bare foot in order to study in Kathmandu as explained in  ‘ Bisaya Bibid’ his book.

The mountains are so close to village and it feels like the mountains are gazing us. Local people say that the Himalaya has become black from last few years otherwise the Himalayas used to be white with snow all year round. May be this is the sign of global warming.

Local set of khaja called as Jhilung along with tea and local radish pickle

Majestic view of Mount Lamjung, Mount Harka Gurun and Mount Himalchuli from Ghale Gaon

Cascade of hills; the dangerous road leads through these hills

The rays of setting sun reflects the Himalayas

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