Monday, July 28, 2014

Black water valley: Beauty at its peak

 Summer has always different charm in UK, farnborough can’t escape with this charm. The sun rise early, and sets late. Days are longer so people can enjoy the park, forest and nature after returing home late in the evening. So British eagarly wait for summer and when there is arrival, they spent it as if the summer is not going to come again in their  life.
The blackwater valley which is a part of Hawley meadows near farnborough is a quiet and calm place to enjoy the summer and many people come there late in the afternoon to relax. Historically, this area was hedge-bordered fields, used by local people to graze their livestock and cut grass for hay.The river which is  black in color, flows through the middle of blackwater valley.

“Make a  hay while the sun shines”: Busy Bee collecting honey in order to survive in the harsh winter of UK
Riped  wild berries, but doesn’t taste as good as of Nepal.
Organic water cress collected for vegetable. Water cress is not found in any groceries in UK.
Hawley Meadows: Cattle grazing in the evening but couldn’t see any shepherd.
Evening walk is wonderful

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