Wednesday, July 16, 2014

One fine day at Brighton

Though it was april, the cold weather of UK was unbearable while we took off our journey to Brighton from London. Directions were unknown, when we reached London bridge station, we asked the station man and he showed the Brighton train. We quickly paid the money and ran towards the train. Train riding is always so smooth in all over London and I always love the ride. Somewhere I read, the development index of any country is the infrastructure of the road. So is the London.

Brighton Pier

The 45 min of ride is completely comfortable and warm. The view outside, gives images of country side of UK and that indulges one to think the country life of UK. I have heard rich people of UK lives in country and involved in agriculture. So contrast to Nepali life. Nepali people are struggling still in agriculture.
We reach Brighton, still we don’t know the direction but the town map is right on the exit of the station. We read and head towards the beach. Brighton beach is one of the most popular beach in the world. People from all over the world and UK visit it every summer and every day.
Brighton city from the Brighton Pier

For me, beach should have sand but this is not the case with most of the beaches of UK. Instead of sand, there are peebles and hurts bare foot which I didn’t like it. And the water is too cold. I wondered, how people bear the so cold water. May be due to adaptation.
People enjoying the beach

The interesting thing of Brighton beach is there is a large pier which is called as Brighton pier. There is a fun park in this pier. Children enjoy and play most of the games there, so may be some parents are dragged there by their children for this particular purpose.
The Beach

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