Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Jiri: Switzerland of Nepal

The winding road to jiri reaches to a hill, from where the view of jiri valley looks magnificent. Jiri in not a new name for Nepali travel enthusiast. Generally, it is considered as a Switzerland of Nepal. First reason, geographical structure and secondly, swiss maintained,loved and carved jiri for many years. They have established jiri technical shool for vocational training, cheese factory for manufacturing cheese and have introduced improved breed of cow in village. The unfertile plain beautiful valley is only used for grazing cows. Sometimes, I think ugly/un useful turns out to be beautiful. And jiri is the example. The unproductive is now a place that attracts visitors.
The river flows through the grassy valley where the imported jersey cows from Switzerland are grazed. It feels like one can spend hours without thinking anything in this beautiful valley. This village once was a hub of entry point of Mount Everest.
Children are enjoying the natural playground. In contrast, I doubt about the quality of education they are getting there. Many children are deprived of quality education in the villages of Nepal and they are one of them.
Jiri Valley during summer season

Wild Beauty: They are blooming every year and continuing life cycle in jiri valley. the beautiful components of nature
Jiri technical school, typical Nepali architecture adds beauty to this beautiful village.

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