Sunday, July 20, 2014

Queen of Hills: Nepali Perspective

The queen of Hills, Darjeeling is a hill station where a Nepali like me feels a sense of home. Beside this, first time visitor from hills of Nepal thinks that development doesn’t require proper geographical location. Darjeeling is forward in every way from literature, education, tourism. First time visitor can get shock to see Nepali speaking people being proud to be Indian. Once they know the history, they understand and appreciate their feelings. The acceptance of beef is also quiet shocking for the first time Nepali visitor.

Darjeeling people are also a lover of flowers; most of the houses are decorated with the flowers in their veranda. Talking about the cuisines, one of the most popular cuisines of Darjeeling is MOMO. The taste of MOMO is still in my taste buds.  

On the other hand, Congested road is synonyms of Darjeeling. I was on the front sit, and couldn’t watch the driver, driving the jeep. One should be very professional in driving to drive along the road of Darjeeling. They have strategy to clear the traffic which we don’t even think. Patience, exactness and confidence are highly needed for the driver.

Queen of Hills from Chourasta; a happening place in the heart of the city

Happy Feet, though wounded

It’s wonderful to walk around chourasta and spend the time along with the loved ones.

Toy Train: steam engine train and is listed as world heritage site

Beauty in the hills: Wild flower buki  and Dhupi adds beauty to the hills

Visitors capturing the sunrise view of Tiger Hill. 

Darjeeling is also famous for tea; organic local tea sipping is one of the memorable things to do in Darjeeling.

Queen of Hills from Chourasta; a happening place in the heart of the city

Old English architecture in Darjeeling. If you want to see the English architecture it is recommended to visit Darjeeling for Nepali.

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